When To Hire A Workers Rights Attorney

Are you hurt on the job? Are your rights being infringed upon? Or, has your employer tried to fire you for improper reasons/without cause? If so, a workers rights attorney might help you through these, or other issues you’re dealing with on the job. But, when should you hire an attorney and which one should you hire?

Hire a specialist to handle your case

Regardless of the workers right claim, you are filing, you want to choose a specialist. It’s important to hire a law firm that deals with worker’s rights claim daily. The reason for this is that

  • They know how cases unfold
  • They understand your rights and will inform you if what your employer is doing is illegal
  • These attorneys understand how cases proceed, what has to be proven, and what evidence has to be presented
  • They know what claims are viable vs what claims are instantly going to fail

Just because you are terminated, doesn’t mean you have a case against your employer. Especially in places of employment where your job is “at will.” This means your employer can terminate you with or without cause. However, a specialist in the field will know how to direct you and inform you whether the termination was legal, based on surrounding facts. And, if it was, how you can collect on the case.

Cases a workers rights attorney can help with

It’s not all types of worker’s comp or rights issues that you’ll need to hire an attorney for. Some instances you might choose to hire a lawyer are

  1. Wrongful termination
  2. If you are dealing with HR issues or harassment claims
  3. If your employer doesn’t reasonably accommodate a disability
  4. Instances where you are hurt on the job and need to file a worker’s comp claim

These are some of the cases that an attorney or employment right firm can help you with. If you aren’t sure whether you have a claim or not, it’s worth contacting a lawyer to find out more.

If you are unsure of your rights, or what to do if you have been terminated or are being harassed, an attorney can answer your questions. So, rather than try to fight your employer on your own, consider working with a workers rights attorney. But, before choosing an attorney, you’ll want to compare the top local specialists, so you hire the right team to work on the case against your employer on your behalf.